A bitter sweet empathy .My journey from class teacher to speaker

My journey to Educating Northants

My journey began back in October. As a newbee to twitter I was scrolling  through tweets and something caught my eye.....Educating Northants, it sounded local and educational, I was hooked..


I submitted my proposal and thought no more.....Then lo and behold early December I found out I was in....

As a class teacher I had never done anything like this before. So fear and excitement were rolled into one.


Fast forward to Saturday  30th March. What an amazing day . The venue was fantastic. The organisation of the event was impressive. The atmosphere was a cross between a carnival and  a wedding...

My session went really well mainly because everyone attending was so lovely especially Colin Green who took me under his wing and has continued to keep in touch since.


As a first time speaker I couldn't have felt any  more at ease. I hope this is the start of my journey into more 'gigs'

Thank you to Educating Northants for giving me this amazing experience 

Ginny Bootman


This is my first ever blog so please excuse any glaring rookie mistakes.